"Carpe Diem" White Sapphire Poesy Bracelet

"Carpe Diem" White Sapphire Poesy Bracelet

SKU: 42119-WHITE
Poesy Bracelets borrow the "Poesy" inscription from our ring collections and bring them to your wrist as wonderful layering pieces. We took the 500 year old idea of the poesy ring inscriptions, made it modern and added this bracelet collection to our poesy ring and necklace styles. Perfect when paired with your watch, bangles or other delicate bracelets, our poesy bracelets make for a stylish wardrobe addition. This sterling silver 7" poesy bracelet features white sapphires on the front with "carpe diem" engraved on the inside, against the skin for secret empowerment. From graduations, to new jobs and birthdays, a piece from The Carpe Diem Collection is a perfect gift for any occasion. It inspires one to seize the day and embrace their story.

- Sterling Silver.

- White Sapphire.

- Engraved: "Carpe Diem"

- Length: 7"